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Founded by car enthusiast and collector
Tõnis Hinnosaar (TH Garage
in collaboration with
the renowned Collester Workshop based on
Muhu Island, Estonia.


Overjoyed by the Impreza driving performance

" I bought my first Impreza in 2016 after moving to the countryside with its really poor roads. My Subaru never failed and always performed 100%. Since then, I have owned another four more Imprezas and I really enjoy driving them more than words can say.

22B's really are the cherries on the Impreza cake. They are amazing looking cars with racing performance. However, financially speaking, they seem so far out reach to the average Impreza fan or car enthusiast.

I founded TH22B to make these amazing, beautiful cars available to more people, by powering them with WRX technology which still gives plenty of driving pleasure, I can assure you!
" - Tõnis Hinnosaar


Our Workshop on Muhu Island 

Our cars are built at the Collester workshop on a the beautiful Island of Muhu in Estonia. Over the years Tõnis has built and serviced his cars at Collester workshop and we have built an unwavering trust between us. This trust is the foundation for building TH22B cars and moving our cooperation to the next level.   


Tõnis and Alan

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