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What is a pre-order?

Pre-ordering is a process where you can configure the vehicle exactly to your liking: choose the car body colour, wheels and some interior styling options. And maybe even order a STI package for the extra performance. Then the vehicle gets built as per your preferences.

When you pre-order your vehicle, you will be asked for a deposit on the vehicle. When your TH22B will be completed, then you will pay for the remaining of the vehicle price.

Does pre-ordering a car cost more?

Short answer is no. Pre-ordering a TH22B will cost you the same as if you were to buy the exact same produced vehicle. The only difference is that the vehicle you pre-order will be tailored for you and your needs.

Where are the source parts coming from? Are they new or used? From which countries are the parts?

Parts come as a full package from a good drivable donor vehicle from the US. Why? This way we control the area, where parts are coming from - our donor vehicles are from warm and dry regions where there is minimum rust. Also, we can be sure of the correct mileage, as this is often an issue in Europe. It’s technically ideal to have a package where engine+transmission have already been working together previously rather than putting them together from separate sources.  

We also have an extensive list of specialist contacts and other high quality sources for parts, should we need them. During the build, everything will be checked and some parts will be added as new and upgraded, to ensure the high quality. 

Where is the engine from?


Engines are coming from good donor vehicles, as explained above. Motors will be opened up, every detail will be 100% checked, changed or rebuilt as needed. This will be done in Tallinn, Estonia at our partner company having 20+ years of specialist experience with Impreza turbo engines (road and rally use). Engines come back to us as new condition when installed on TH22Bs.

From which countries are the cars from? 

All Impreza Coupes were originally made in Japan. We are bringing our vehicles from the US and checking them very carefully, to make sure they come from warm and dry regions where there is minimum rust and that cars are in good condition. We also make in depth background checks to make sure that cars comply with our high standards that we have set for our vehicles.

Can I check the car before the purchase?

Yes, you can. Before the actual purchase, you can check the car by yourself or order a third party appraisal service. We are building the cars with heart and passion and as the founder Tõnis has said: “Each car is made as made for myself.” This is the main rule in the whole process.

What happens after I fill the pre-payment enquiry form? Is it legally binding? Do you send an invoice immediately? 

After you fill the enquiry form we will be in touch with you to go through all the details. We will not send you an invoice immediately, but only after we have signed the agreement.

Is there a contract of sale with rights and obligations of both parties? 

Yes, there will be a contract which we sign after agreeing on your vehicle's details. Also, you will receive a final sale contract once the car is ready for handing over. 

What does STI stand for? What is the STI package? 

The STI model of the Subaru WRX is the most powerful and high-performance Subaru trim level including upgraded suspension, six-speed manual transmission and more powerful turbocharged engine. For most of the drivers and car enthusiasts, the Subaru WRX package has plenty of performance, but should you be interested in the ultimate performance, then you can choose the STI package.

Do I have to run car background checks myself or you provide a report?

We will provide you with a track record report before the purchase. You are welcome to run background checks by yourself as well, should you wish to do so.

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